How I Escaped the Waiting Room Walkthrough Cheats
Walkthrough for medals
Usain Bolt: Escape the room in less than a minute
Mo Farah: Escape the Room 5 times
Computer Misuse Act 1900: Log into the computer
Oscar the Grouch: Search the bin
Bad Memory: Recheck drawers you've already taken things from
Blurred Vision: Try to read without your glasses
Nameless: Enter no name
Worth a try: Use the vending key with the door
Avid Gamer: Use invisible side buttons to go back
Desperate to Escape: Click the door more than 10 times
Multi-tasker: Look at the notebook and can at the same time
Illogical Thinker: Type the username Knightwood in the computer
Immature: Type 80085 into the Vending Machine
Nag A Ram: Type chief into the Vending Machine
Determined Mother Trucker: Take more than 20 minutes to Escape from the Room